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  • Bridging the Fertility Gap

    TweetFertility awareness campaign set to host web sessions on infertility Manila, Philippines – Forming new life brings unfamiliar excitement and challenge to couples that seek to build a family. However, the decline of fertility rates brings forth a rising concern … Continue reading


    Tweet‘HOPE FOR STARTING FAMILIES’ LAUNCHED TO AID COUPLES IN SEEKING TREATMENT MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Merck Serono, one of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies and a division of Merck, announced that it has embarked on a campaign to raise awareness on … Continue reading

  • Testimonial of Mr and Mrs. Jasper L. Golangco

    Tweet  “Our country has finally caught up with the times. With the help of Dr. Anthony Ancheta, Victory ART Laboratory and its impressive local staff, many Filipino families have been started and/or grown. Including ours. The IVF success rates at … Continue reading

  • World-Class Results from Initial Cases

    TweetFrom its opening last October 2011 until the end of February 2012, over 75 fresh IVF cycles have been performed at CARMI and the results from these initial cases have been excellent and world-class! A total of 35 pregnancies of … Continue reading

  • Testimonial of Riza and Victor Montano

    Tweet  “Ni hao! This is a leg and that is the other leg and there is something in between. You will have a baby boy. Congratulations!” Those were the words of Dr. Ben Chong Pun Chan of The Hong Kong … Continue reading